About Us

Our Resident Film BuffNATE THE GREAT | The Movie Maniac

Our resident film buff, Nate, is a graduate of Texas Christian University in 2004 with a BS (no, not that BS) in Radio-TV-Film. This was before the first two became completely obsolete (thanks Technology!) and the world became much smaller. Nate is a former hoop hero turned plain ol’ hero and enjoys cerebral, mind bending films, comics, making and listening to music, taking in the arts and romping around with the dog. He enjoys the simple things in life i.e. anything that has to do with Batman, cold winter nights, peanut butter on pancakes (with warm maple syrup) and appreciates a good burger and fries – maybe a little too much.

Avid GamerLH2 | Beyond Avid Gamer

The gaming fanatic of the group is Lee. A native of Dallas, Texas, he was born the year Star Wars forever altered the world of cinema in which he grew up. Since an early age he has always wanted to be involved in any form of visual entertainment, so much so that during the mid-90’s he had hopes of creating his own entertainment company (due mostly to the fact he could not figure out which form of entertainment he loved most: music, movies, or writing). Over time he discovered that he enjoyed talking about movies, music and games almost as much as he enjoyed them individually. He has since settled into providing for his daughter, Imani.

Dita von Diva | The Female Perspective

The one true diva of the group is a native of Fort Worth, TX (FUNKY TOWN) and is a lover of all things ‘divalicious’!!! With multiple degrees in Broadcast Journalism, Theatre AND Radio/TV/Film; this is one lady with a bonafide opinion! This former high school salutatorian and academic scholarship holder has worked with some of the biggest names in television and radio, all while pursuing her dream of being a star in her own right (ohhhh the stories she could tell!!).

Matt G. | The Brutally Honest One

As the late, great George Lucas has said about Matthew Geissler, “He has a unique eye and a great vision.”  Of course, that is not entirely true, George is still with us and not that great.  Kidding, of course. He just imagines that’s what Mr. Lucas would say about him.  Matt was born in California, but has spent the majority of his life in Texas. He has taken numerous film courses at the University of Texas at Arlington including screenwriting and film production; and ultimately graduated from the University of North Texas in 2008 with a degree in History.  His passions are movies and basketball.

Shane D. Miles | The Tech Nerd

Shane D. Miles can be summed up in a single word: Awesome.  Shane is originally from Arlington, TX, and is currently living in Maryland.  He has spent the better part of a decade in the military, and doesn’t have any plans on changing career paths anytime soon.  You’re much more likely to find Shane in his own server room than wandering the halls of the Geeks on Movies offices (which is probably best for the IT staff at GoM, in all honesty). As a comic book buff and retro gaming enthusiast, if Shane isn’t playing his NES or SNES, he can often be found perusing local comic book stores, buying collectables while wearing his signature Green Lantern ring.  He is also a fan of riding motorcycles, playing pool, and amateur photography (ventures of a less-than-nerdy nature).  Shane is also the resident animation buff, and looks forward to sharing his knowledge of animated movies and shows with everyone.  He also isn’t afraid to say what he feels and will probably give Matt a run for his money to see who is more brutally honest.